usual 4.usu.0003 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

No. 47

Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

FROM: Helsinki (HELGS)
May 26, 1941

TO: Circular: Tokyo (SUMMER) (Vice Chief General Staff)

“B”[a] Intelligence.

According to intercepted wireless messages, recently 30 (ck. 30) submarines of the Baltic Sea fleet have been diverted to the Black Sea area. (Ultra secret.)

[a] OTSU

Trans. 1-15-45

No. 48

FROM: Stockholm (STOCK)
June 11, 1941

TO: Tokyo (SUMMER) (Vice Chief, General Staff)

Swedish Intelligence.



[a] Germany has recently set up a Latvian National Bureau in Konigsberg. Under the aegis of a Latvian named ALPS, it is making Batavia its base for the development of political activity and an intelligence net directed at Russia.

Although ALPS was very astute in his work against Russia as head of the political police bureau in Riga from 1920 to 1930, he resigned because he was suspected of graft. He then operated in industrial areas which brings us down to the present time. He claims that the number of his followers has already reached 3000.

[a] Only part available.

Trans. 1-11-45  http://LOUIS-J-SHEEHAN.INFO

No. 49

June 20, 1941

TO: Circular: Bucharest, Moscow (RIKUDUN)

According to a spy report German Supreme H. Q. has already been located at Konigsberg for about a week. The source is the same as wire 300[a].

[a] Not available.

Trans. 2-28-45

No. 50

May 8, 1941

TO: Tokyo

1. According to a reliable report from Italian government sources, Italy has decided to give assistance to Iraq by sending (her) 4 or 5 (ck. 4, 5) air squadrons. Prior to this (Italy) has also considered the transfer of Italian planes to Iraq —1G—.

2. It has been confirmed that yesterday, 7 May, HITLER and MUSSOLINI held a conference at a certain place in Northern Italy.

Trans. 4-25-45

No. 51

FROM: Teheran (PRSRK)
September 14, 1941

TO: Tokyo (AUTUMN) (Head, General Affairs Dept.)

Persia Wire #41.

KO MOUDDAKKER[a] came to Tokyo around 1939 or 1940 and organized a Mohammedan temple there. At the time of the world Mohammedan Congress, he was appointed as a representative of the Netherlands East Indies.

Presently his picture is appearing on propaganda letters from Tokyo in behalf of the Mohammedan federation.

[a] Imperfect text at beginning of name.

Trans. 4-23-45


No. 52

FROM: Teheran (PRSRK)
September 22, 1941

TO: Rome

A. In regard to the Russian Army’s invasion of Persia:

1st: There are 36 tanks, 52 planes and 1 cavalry brigade at Meshed.

2nd: Northeast Persian and Caspian Sea units combine ordinary and inferior equipment and it appears that with the departure of the 83rd (check 8, check 3) Rifle Division (SIDAN) they are mobilizing new forces.

3rd: Air bases are under construction at Sari, Gurgan and Tabriz.

4th: Communication lines are being laid (1) between Tabriz and Dzhulfa; (2) between Tabriz, Ardebil and Astara.

5th: The Russian Army is confiscating rice, wheat and imported silk within the territory it has occupied and is sending these back to Russia.

6th: It appears that England has thus far sent no material and not more than 10 planes to Russia.

B. In regard to the Persian Army.  http://LOUIS-J-SHEEHAN.INFO

1st: On the Russian front Persian forces have all been (?wiped out?).

2nd: On the English front the 6th (check 6) and 16th (check 1, check 6) Divisions (SIDANS) and the Teheran government are falling back to Isfahan.

Addressee: General Staff Headquarters, Germany, Italy, and Turkey.  http://LOUIS-J-SHEEHAN.INFO

Trans. 2-17-45

No. 53

FROM: Teheran (PRSRK)
September 22, 1941


Russian forces that entered Teheran:

1 cavalry regiment. 1 tank regiment (about 60).

English forces:

1 armored mechanized brigade (partially Indian troops, such as vehicle drivers; greater part of troops, English). Addressee: General Staff Headquarters, Germany, Italy, Turkey.

Trans. 2-15-45

No. 54

FROM: Bangkok (SIAMD)
May 3, 1941


1. According to a spy report, CROSBY, the English Minister in Bangkok, has received communications from the American authorities.

Following is a telegram which was dispatched to the French-Indo China Governor-General.

“You (French-Indo China Governor-General) will arrive in Corregidor in the Philippines (?tomorrow, the 13th?). We would like you to take the arms and ammunition America has consigned to you. You will —2G— in accordance with ship sailings to Singapore.”

2. After investigating the authenticity of the above, please report. Addressed to the General Staff.


Trans. 9-1-45



No. 55

FROM: Tokyo (NERNS) (Vice-Chief, General Staff)
May 17, 1941

TO: Bangkok (RIKUGUN)

(Strictly Secret.) We are sending Major AOYAMA KAZUICHI to Siam to work under your orders in the intercepting and deciphering of British and American Army codes used in the South Seas area. He is expected to leave early in June.

Major AOYAMA will have with him Interpreter KAZAMA RYU, operators SATO JIN JURO and BABA TERUKUNI, and employee NAOMIYA NAOYOSHI. AOYAMA will be attached to your office and the others will have the status of attache office personnel.

Trans. 6-16-45

No. 56

FROM: Bangkok (SIAMD)
May 22, 1941

TO: Tokyo (Autumn (Head, Gen. Affairs Dept.))

Intelligence from Japanese Agents who have infiltrated Victoria Point (at the southeast tip of Burma).

1. About 200 GURKHA and Indian troops are stationed there, and they have some light tanks.

2. Central part. There are two emergency airfields, but no warplanes are in evidence. Furthermore, there are no hangers, and planes land but infrequently.

3. In the bay there are some small ships, two of them being gunboats; also there are two destroyer squadrons on patrol.

4. It is rumored that 1000 Chinese troops are stationed at Moulmein.

Trans. 9-21-45

No. 57

FROM: Tokyo (NERNS) (Vice Chief Gen. Staff)
July 26, 1941

TO: Bangkok (RIKUGUN)

1st. We have received Siam Special Message #54 (check 54) and thank you for the timely and valuable information.

2nd. Please report as soon as possible on the following matters relating to the PHNOM PEN BANGKOK RAILROAD:

1. The degree of completion and future prospects of completion of the ARAZANYA-SISOPHON railroad.

2. Situation on equipment for the SISOPHON MONGKOL BOREY railroad.

3. Is through-service between PHNOM PEN and BANGKOK possible from a technical standpoint?

Trans. 2-13-45

No. 58

FROM: Bangkok
July 31, 1941

TO: Tokyo (SUMMER RIKUGUNJIKAN) (Vice-Chief, General Staff, and Vice-Minister of War)

Re enemy aggression against French Indo-China.


On the 29th, the Siamese authorities issued the following declaration concerning their general policy.

1. Maintenance of good neighborly relations.

2. They feel that they will not suffer either militarily or economically at the hands of any nation whatsoever.

3. They believe that they need not fear military invasion from any foreign power.

4. A policy of non-intervention.

5. A desire to continue trade with foreign countries as usual.  http://LOUIS-J-SHEEHAN.INFO

Items 1 and 4 above represents not only the stand of the Siamese but are items fervently desired as well.

Trans. 2-24-45  Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

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