proselytization of the Catholic faith in the Near and Far East 6.334.0 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

No. 886

FROM: Rome (Horikiri)                                                                       December 2, 1941

TO: San Francisco                                                                               # 2.

(Part 1 of 2.)

SHIEDAI, a leader in the Hindustan Gadaru [b] party (Indian Independence Revolutionary Party), is now here receiving active aid from the Italian government. He is being utilized in radio propaganda activities for Indian consumption and in other ways. I, too, with the Minis­ter’s approval, have undertaken to contact him with regard to our propaganda endeavors


among Hindus. It is understood that he would like to secure the names and addresses of party members with whom he could get in contact who now reside in Shanghai, French Indo‑China and Thai. In order to pass on instructions to leaders of the Party in your place ‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑ —–.

The above is to be maintained a strict secret. Relayed to Tokyo.

[a] Kana spelling.

Trans. 12‑8‑41

No. 887

FROM: Rome (Horikiri)                                                                       December 2, 1941

TO: San Francisco                                                                               # 2.

(Part 2 of 2.)

Please deliver this note immediately and arrange for liaison with this fellow.


League of Nations Hindustan

Gadar Party, Gadar Ashram

5 Wood Street

Japanese Empire cooperation with ‑‑‑‑‑ [b]. Please talk with ‑‑‑‑‑ [a] Consul General in your town. Organize our comrades in Lithuania, Georgia, Manila, Singapore, Siam, Indo‑China, et. Cooperate with ‑‑‑‑- [b] district for mutual participations and against our enemies. More powers will be soon sent.

[b] All blanks represent same country which is unknown.

Trans. 12‑14‑41

No. 888

FROM: Rome (Horikiri)                                                                       December 2, 1941

TO: Tokyo                                                                                           # 772.

Strictly secret.

Restricted distribution.

Re your # 318 [a] .

On the 1st, I had conversations with the Indian, SHIYEDAI. I discussed with him the questions of cooperation in the future, but for the time being, at least, he has undertaken to insert Japanese propaganda in his radio broadcast to India. In his first broadcast of this type the gist of his statement was as follows:

Asia stands in the shadow of Japan’s “leadership”. The freedom of India is the basis for Japan’s ultimate victory. That is to say, Japan’s aim is to restore the lost freedom of the people of India. Japan, not motivated by any political ambitions, insofar as India is concerned, solely desires the freedom and independence of the people of India who are the people of Asia. She desires but to work in close economic and cultural relationship with the people of India.



Now, SHIYEDAI has charge of the European Area. Names and addresses of agents in Shanghai, French Indo‑China and Thai could be secured from his fellow‑workers in San Francisco and Buenos Aires should that information be desired.

Telegraphic instructions from this man to his followers could be arranged through wires to the Consul General in San Francisco and the embassy in Argentina.

[a] See IV, 885.

Trans. 10‑10‑41

No. 889

FROM: Rome                                                                                      November 22, 1941

TO: Tokyo                                                                                           # 743.

Secondary importance.

According to a report from the Vatican, on the 20th, the Pope had a secret meeting with Mr. CHITMAN. [a] He asked Mr. CHITMAN to transmit  Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire  to Mr. ROOSEVELT at once that he hopes the American President will give careful consideration to Ambassador KURUSU’s new pro­posal and investigate every possibility of peaceful means to prevent an outbreak with Japan, since America’s reply will have grave results in deciding whether or not there will be war in the Pacific.

[a] Kana spelling‑Tittman.

Trans. 11‑26‑41

No. 890

FROM: Rome                                                                                      November 28, 1941

TO: Tokyo                                                                                           # 766.

(Primary importance.)

According to reports received from the Vatican through CICOGNANI, the Papal represen­tative in Washington, many indications are evident that Japan forms a great obstacle to the United States’ early termination of the present anti‑Axis war. Public opinion in the United States is that America would be able to achieve victory for Great Britain simply by large-scale production of military supplies if it were not for this obstacle. In the event of a Japanese-American clash, assistance to England and the Soviet would decrease, making Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire   necessary American military intervention by means of forces on the European continent. Moreover, there are a great many who believe that during American‑Japanese negotiations Japan put forth stipulations encroaching upon American interests and honor and so causing conditions to become extremely delicate. There were also reports to the effect that the difficulties of Japa­nese‑American negotiations constrained the Interventionist faction headed by the President and strengthened the position of the Isolationists.

Trans. 12‑2‑41


No. 891

FROM: Rome (Horikiri)                                                                       November 28, 1941

TO: Tokyo                                                                                           # 765.

(Intelligence of secondary importance.)

According to intelligences from the Vatican, the extension of the Anti‑Comintern Agree­ment and the participation of new adherents has made quite an impression upon the Pope. MONCHIINI [a] and (TALGINI ?), leaders of the anti‑Nazi wing at this decisive stage, feel that the continued adherence of Japan and Spain to the Axis is a remarkable achievement brought about by HITLER. In opposition to this, PIO ROSSINI, [a] private secretary to the Pope, who heads up the pro‑Fascist group, holds that this will have a great effect upon the proselytization of the Catholic faith in the Near and Far East, through its anti‑Communistic activities. He considers that in this regard the fact that the Pope has not made clear his intentions is ex­tremely regrettable. Furthermore, CHITMAN, the representative of the President of the United States attached to the Vatican, feels that the extension of the Anti‑Comintern Agree­ment makes the current Japan‑American negotiations extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Furthermore, the British representative, OSBOURNE, feels that as a result of this the war will expand greatly and last much longer. However, he is understood to have said that the fact that Turkey, by virtue of British and American diplomatic means did not participate in the signing of this treaty will make possible a British and American victory. Nevertheless, re­grettable as Vatican opinion may be, at the present writing, though the opportunity is favor­able for actions to persuade the Pope, one cannot say what his intentions are in this regard. The world‑wide effect of this agreement however, according to PIO, has had an enormous effect upon the Vatican.

[a] Kana spelling

Trans. 12‑2‑41

No. 892

FROM: Rome                                                                                      November 26, 1941

TO: Tokyo                                                                                           # 756.

Intelligence report of secondary order.

According to a report from a Vatican source the Grand Mufti of Palestine has been spending a lot of time in Rome and Berlin conferring with Italian and German officials on the set‑up of Arabia and the Middle East when it comes presently under the domain of the Axis. Turkey is also participating in these talks so it seems and since Palestine is called the Holy Land, the German Government has notified the Pope that it might be a good idea for him to send a representative to the parleys too. Now in India there are a lot of Moslem areas and since Japan is to be the leader in East Asia, we too are to be invited to participate in the conferences. The report goes on to say that Germany and Italy are going to assist the Arabs to the utmost of their ability in order to help them throw off the yoke of the English and forestall any Ameri­can machinations.

Trans. 11‑28‑41



No. 893

FROM: Rome                                                                                      November 6, 1941

TO: Tokyo                                                                                           # 706.

(Report of Secondary Order.)

Re my # 687 [a].

On the 4th, the Grand Mufti went to Berlin, and I have an intelligence report from Vatican circles to the effect that the American representative to the Vatican, TITTOMAN, having received word from President ROOSEVELT on the 4th, had a strictly secret interview with the Pope. TITTOMAN argued as follows: Now that the Grand Mufti is in exile in German and Italy, he is sending all sorts of pro‑Axis propaganda to the Arab world. This is evidently jointly encouraged by Germany and Italy, and the United States is gravely concerned. This propa­ganda will do Christianity great damage, and if the Axis fights in Palestine and central Asia, Germany and Italy will have to acknowledge the superior position of the Arab race. Now if this happens, all Christianity, let alone the Catholic Church, will be in danger. TITTOMAN went on to say that as the Pope knew, the democracies take the stand that the Arab world should continue its status quo and that the other peoples of the world should live together in harmony and justice. Therefore, would His Holiness countenance such a scheme as this on the part of Germany and Italy? TITTOMAN concluded that he certainly hoped not and that His Holiness would lodge a protest. The Pope, however, replied, “That is not a realistic prob­lem. Until it becomes a fact that the Arab race becomes a menace to the interests of Christi­anity, I am not interested in those matters.”

[a] Not available.

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