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Cartman has been absent for school for some time, and the boys go to his house to find out what’s wrong. Cartman has become depressed about not having a father. Cartman confronts his Mother about it, and she says that he was conceived at the 12th Annual Drunken Barn Dance. Meanwhile, Kyle and Stan Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire enter a videotape they made of Cartman holding a tea party with stuffed animals in the weekly contest held by America’s Stupidest Home Videos.

Full Recap

As the bus stop, Cartman is missing. The other boys decide to skip school and go to check on him. At Cartman’s home, they find him in the backyard having a tea party with stuffed animals. They find the sight disturbing and Stan suggests they go to get him help. They talk with Mr. Mackey who says that Eric is suffering from emotional distress. Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire He gives them a video camera to tape Cartman’s behavior so that he can make a diagnosis. The boys videotape Cartman’s tea party. Later at dinner, Cartman asks him mother about who his father is. His mother starts to tell him about the birds, the bees and the “12th Annual Drunken Barn Dance.” She tells him at this event that she met Chief Running Water at this event and that he is his father. At the Marsh home, Stan and Kyle are watching TV with Grandpa who switches the channel over to America’s Stupidest Home Videos after they’ve see a commercial for an upcoming TV movie featuring Terrance & Phillip in “Not Without My Anus,” an HBC movie of the week. Stan and Kyle think the …Videos program sucks. Hearing a knock at the door, Stan answers to find Cartman dressed in Native American gear. Since he now knows he is father is a Native American Cartman tries to get in touch with his roots. Cartman wants to borrow Stan’s bike so he can go to the reservation (to find his father). The boys decide they need to get their videotape over to Mr. Mackey quickly, but a chance to win $10,000 from the …Videos program gives them other ideas on what to do with the tape. Cartman confronts Chief Running Water; who tells him that that the last man he remembers seeing his mother with was Chef.
Kenny tries getting a go-cart started as Stan confirms to Kyle that he has sent their video into the …Videos contest. Cartman shows up, no longer in Native American gear, he is now dressed like a homeboy and he plans to go “chill with my dad.” Kenny gets the go started and gets dragged for a wild ride, that winds up killing him. Cartman appears at Chef’s home and tells him about what Chief Running Water told him about the drunken barn dance. Chef sings him a song (that explains nothing about the question at hand). He then tells Cartman what he remembers about the barn dance; the last man he saw Cartman’s mother with was Mr. Garrison (with Mr. Hat). On the …Videos program Stan and Kyle find out their videotape of the tea party has made it to the finals. At the local bar, Cartman confronts Mr. Garrison about him being his father. Mr. Garrison lets Cartman know that there isn’t anyone in South Park who hasn’t sex with his mother. Dr. Mephisto offers Cartman the chance to have DNA testing done to help him find his father, at a cost of $3000.
At the bus stop Cartman tells them about his need for $3000. They tell him about their chance to win $10,000 in the …Videos contest. As the …Videos program airs, Cartman sees their entry, his tea party, which gets him really pissed off. Unfortunately they take second place to Grandpa Marsh’s videotape of Kenny being killed by the train and only get $3000, which they give to Cartman to get his DNA testing done.
After the DNA testing has been done, Dr. Mephisto has narrowed the list of possible fathers down to: Officer Barbrady, Chef, Jimbo, Mr. Garrison, Ned, Chief Running Water, Gerald Broflovski, himself, his little friend Kevin or (as he says) the 1989 Denver Broncos. The narrator reiterates the question “Who is Eric Cartman’s father?” and that listing (with one notable change) as the episode ends on a cliff hanger.
Kenny dies when he is run over by a train, after he is pulled to the railroad tracks by his runaway go-cart.


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