21st 4.21.883877 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire.

In the 21st Century, with the ready availability of international travel and
telecommunications, neither crime nor terrorism confines itself territorially.  Nor
do criminals or terrorists restrict themselves, in conformance with the structure
of our laws, wholly to one bad act or the other. Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire.

Instead, they enter into alliances
of opportunity as they arise; terrorists commit crimes and, for the right price or
reason, criminals assist terrorists.  Today’s threats cross geographic and political
boundaries with impunity; and do not fall solely into a single category of our law.
To meet these threats, we need an even more tightly integrated intelligence cycle.
We must have extraordinary receptors for changes in threats and the ability to make
immediate corrections in our priorities and focus to address those changes.  And, we
must recognize that alliances with others in law enforcement, at home and abroad,
are absolutely essential.
Counterterrorism Forecast:   Terrorism is the most significant threat to our
national security.  In the international terrorism arena, over the next five years,
we believe the number of state-sponsored terrorist organizations will continue to
decline, but privately-sponsored terrorist groups will increase in number.  However,
the terrorist groups will increasingly cooperate with one another to achieve desired
ends against common enemies.  These alliances will be of limited duration, but such
“loose associations” will challenge our ability to identify specific threats.  Al-Qaeda
and its affiliates will remain the most significant threat over the next five years.
The global Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) threat to the United States
and its interests is expected to increase significantly in the near term.  We expect
terrorists to exploit criminal organizations to develop and procure WMD capabilities.
Globalization will make it easier to transfer both WMD materiel and expertise
throughout the world.  The basic science and technologies necessary to produce
WMD will be increasingly well understood.  Similarly, raw materials will be more
available and easier to obtain.
Violence by domestic terrorists will continue to present a threat to the United
States over the next five years.  The number of traditional left wing terrorist
groups, typically advocating the overthrow of the U.S. Government because of the
perceived growth of capitalism and imperialism, have diminished in recent years.
However, new groups have emerged that may pose an increasing threat.  Right
wing extremists, espousing anti-government or racist sentiment, will pose a threat
because of their continuing collection of weapons and explosives coupled with their
propensity for violence.  The most significant domestic terrorism threat over the
next five years will be the lone actor, or “lone wolf” terrorist.  They typically draw
ideological inspiration from formal terrorist organizations, but operate on the fringes
of those movements.


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