question 5.que.999399 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

Mr. G. Odger in the chair.

The minutes of the former meeting were confirmed, as read, on the proposal of Lubez, seconded by Eccarius.

The following were elected on the Central Council:

Mr. Side proposed by Whitlock, seconded by Cremer;

Mr. Pfander proposed by Marx, seconded by Eccarius;

Mr. Lessner proposed by Marx, seconded by Eccarius;

Mr. Jung proposed by Nusperli, seconded by Lubez;

Mr. Dick proposed by Blackmore, seconded by Carter;

Mr. Merriman proposed by Dell, seconded by Blackmore;

Mr. Grossmith proposed by Dell, seconded by Blackmore;

Mr. Dupont proposed by Lubez, seconded by Carter.

Dr. Marx then read the Preamble, Address and Rules which the Sub-Committee had definitely agreed on and which they recommended to the Central Council for adoption.

Mr. Whitlock thought some explanation (in the form of a footnote) should be given as to the terms “nitrogen” and “carbon.”

Messrs. Carter, Grossmith and others spoke in favour of the Address.

Mr. Whitlock proposed, Mr. Carter seconded: That the Address do pass as read.

As an amendment Mr. Worley proposed and Mr. Wheeler seconded: That the word “profitmongers” be erased.

For amendment — 11, for resolution — 10. The amendment being carried, the word “profitmongers” was struck out and the Address was unanimously agreed to. Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

Dr. Marx then read the Preamble, and on the motion of Mr. Wheeler, seconded by Blackmore, it was carried unanimously.

The Rules were then discussed, and on the proposition of Mr. Dell, seconded by Whitlock, the Preamble, Address and Rules were unanimously agreed to.  Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

Mr. Wheeler then proposed and Mr. Dell seconded that the thanks of the Central Council be given to Dr. Marx, Mr. Weston and M. Le Lubez for their exertions and the production of so admirable an address.[14] Carried unanimously.

The question of printing the Rules was adjourned to the next meeting.

The Council then adjourned to November 8th.


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