laura 5.lau.004004 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

Hermann: Oh August,’ I have surely got the longest nose! Look, boy, I even have a beard like the one our Fritz once had!

August: But I have such nice green cheeks and a grey beard, and my nose is also much redder!

Marie: Look, Laura, I’m a nice boy, aren’t I? You are such a tiny thing under the hat, I am much bigger than you are, and my fancy paper hat is also bigger!

(Enter Mother in an old dressing-gown with Father’s fur dressing-gown over it, and a peaked nightcap on top of her bonnet, and the pince-nez on her nose.) Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

All shout: Oh Mother, Mother.

Hermann: August, that’s not my mother.

Mother: Will you be quiet, boy, and sit down at the table, all of you, until he comes.

(Pause. Enter Father, looks round astonished until at last all take their masks off and the children run about shouting and screaming for joy. Finale: a gigantic feast.)


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