flocon 4.flo.0003 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

I never have a minute these days to write at any length. I confine myself to essentials.

Flocon is very well disposed towards you.

The Straubingers[86] here are all more or less furious with you (set-to with Sch[erzer]., etc.).

As regards my things, take them with you as far as Valenciennes and have them sealed there. Everything will go through exempt. As regards the silver, it has already been hallmarked here in Paris.

In Valenciennes you must in any case go to the man whose address I enclose. On Vogler’s advice my wife sent him the keys to the trunks (which are in Brussels), but without a way-bill. You must fetch these keys from him, otherwise everything will be broken open by the customs here. Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

As regards the money, tell Cassel he must give you the bill if he won’t pay it. Then perhaps Baillut will pay it.

Get Gigot to settle accounts and at least give you the balance.

As regards Breyer, you must go to see him again and point out what a shabby trick it would be if he made use of my ill-fortune to avoid payment. He must hand over at least part to you. The revolution hasn’t cost him a sou.

The bourgeoisie here are again becoming atrociously uppish and reactionary, but they’ll see.

Bornstedt and Herwegh are behaving like scoundrels. They have founded a black, red and gold association [205] in opposition to us. The former is to be expelled from the [Communist] League today.


At the moment I am unable to find the way-bill and this letter must go off.

Dismiss Gigot if he doesn’t begin to show signs of activity.

just now the fellow ought to be more energetic.

My warmest regards to Maynz; also to Jottrand. I have received the latest Débat social.

My regards to Vogler likewise.

I shall write at length to Maynz and Jottrand

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