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David Ben-Gurion – Zionist leader and Israel’s first and longest-serving Prime Minister – was born David Green in Plonsk, Poland in 1886 and educated in a Hebrew school established by his father, an ardent Zionist. Ben-Gurion became a Zionist and joined the Socialist-Zionist group Poalei Zion at 17. In 1906, Ben-Gurion immigrated to the Land of Israel, worked as a laborer in agricultural settlements, became immersed in Zionist politics Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire and polemics and helped establish the Jewish self-defense group Hashomer. In 1912 he began to study law in Istanbul, but the outbreak of World War I led to his deportation, together with other leading Zionists, by the Ottoman authorities. Ben-Gurion spent the war years in the United States, where he married Paula Monbesz, a fellow Zionist, and was active in building an “American wing” of Labor Zionism. He returned to Palestine as a soldier of the Jewish Legion, a unit of the British Army created by Ze’ev Jabotinsky.

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