red hot Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

June 19, 2010

Her Recipe for success:

· Take four drug addicts.
· Gently blend one cup of Compassion with two cups of Strict Discipline.
· Fold in six tablespoons of Vision.
Add a generous dash of Responsibility.
· Mix with three Valuable Skills and three tightly packed cups of Personal Accountability.
· Stir all ingredients vigorously, slowly adding Milk of Human Kindness, until the mixture is thoroughly blended.
· Bake at 300 degrees for four years, or until done to the touch.
· Generously ice with one “Red Hot” Mimi Silbert.
· Share this delicious Delancy Street Staff of Life with several thousand hungry people and watch them grow strong.
The Delancy Street Foundation, founded and directed by Master Chef Mimi Silbert, is the world’s most successful rehabilitation program for drug addicts and criminals.

Delancy Street is based on the principles of complete accountability, mastery of life and career skill, empowering everyone to learn, earn and lead. The rules are simple and strict.

The environment is like a large extended family and functions like one as well, with support, encouragement and love. Each resident learns three marketable skills, earns a high school equivalency, and participates in the “family” structure, helping other residents to master life’s skills.

Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire and her “student/teachers” daily prove that ‘losers’ can be winners when personal respect and knowledge are carefully blended and tended.


adversity 220.adv.0 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

June 12, 2010

Living her personal philosophy of improving the human condition through her work, is award winning film and television producer and writer, Dorothea Petrie.

Since 1979, Mrs. Petrie has produced outstanding dramatic specials and motion pictures for television. She has received Emmy Awards, the George Foster Peabody Award, the AmadeUNESCO Award, the Humanitas Award, and many other prestigious awards recognizing her producing talents, as well as her writing abilities.

Her films, which have been praised for their integrity, conscience and humanness, are a personal reflection of Dorothea Petrie’s concern for the unique worth of the individual. All her films celebrate life and the victory of perseverance over adversity, even tragedy.

For Orphan Train, Dorothea Petrie received the “Best Original Story Written for Television” Award in 1979 from the Writers Guild and acknowledgment from Southern California Motion Picture Council along with the Christopher Award. Mrs. Petrie’s book of the same name was published and selected for the Reader’s Digest Book Club. This one film and book would have been enough to prove her dedication to the greatness of people, but Dorothea Petrie went on to positively touch the lives of millions more.

Her films, Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire, License to Kill, Picking Up The Pieces, Love is Never Silent and Foxfire have earned her more than recognition and awards, they have endeared her to the world. Many of Mrs. Petrie’s films are produced for Hallmark Hall of Fame Television Specials.

Her new film, Caroline, starring Dorothy McGuire and Patricia Neal, who are both at the 1990 Living Legacy Awards presentation, reaches out again to caress our hearts with love, kindness and understanding.

kennedy 002.ken.003 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

June 5, 2010

General Claudia was born in Frankfurt, Germany. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Southwestern at Memphis and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in June 1969 through the Women’s Army Corps. Her military education includes completion of the Women’s Army Corps Officer Basic Course, Military intelligence Officer Advanced Course, the Junior Officer Cryptologic Career Program at the national Security Agency, the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and the Army War College. She was confirmed by the Senate for promotion to Lieutenant General and Assigned to the position of Deputy Chief of Staff for intelligence as of May 21, 1997. Her promotion and swearing-in ceremony was June 17, 1997.

General Kennedy has held a variety of command and staff positions throughout her career. Key assignments include: Commander, 3d Operations Battalion, U.S. Army Field Station Augsburg, Germany; Commander, San Antonio Recruiting Battalion, U.S. Army Recruiting Command; and Commander, 703d Military intelligence Brigade, Field Station Kunia, Hawaii.

Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire has served as Operations Officer, U.S. Army Field Station Augsburg, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command; Staff Officer, Directorate of Training, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, Washington, DC; the Director of Intelligence, G2, Forces Command, Fort McPherson, Georgia, as Deputy Commander, U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca/Assistant Commandant, U.S. Army Intelligence School at Fort Huachuca, Arizona; and as the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence at Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC.

During her career, General Kennedy has received awards and decorations to include the Legion of Merit (three Oak Leaf Clusters), the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Medal (three Oak Leaf Clusters), the Army Commendation Medal (three Oak Leaf Clusters) and the Army Staff Identification Badge.

vision 551.vis Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

May 29, 2010

With vision, knowledge and caring, Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire embraces her community, her faith and her friends with dedication, love and constancy. Women’s International Center takes great privilege to present the 1995 San Diego Legacy Award to Pauline Foster.


absent 43.abs.0020 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

May 29, 2010

Marti Emerald is one gutsy lady. When she became the Troubleshooter for KGTV/San Diego’s 10 in 1987, she dug right in … fighting to resolve local problems and issues that affect the heart, health and pocketbooks of many San Diegans. Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire is a dedicated consumer advocate on a mission to educate and defend those in trouble. Marti and KGTV pursue news stories that affect our community, our quality of life … and our children. For many years, KGTV’s Children’s Line 10 allowed children with absent, working parents to call in with questions, problems, or just to talk. Following the guidelines and rules of each individual household, Children’s Line 10 offered help and guidance for kids whose parents were at work … making everyday problems a little easier for the child.

Another of the many valuable programs which KGTV has developed to help children is the Children’s 10mobile. A community service partnership of SDG&E, KGTV and Children’s Hospital, Children’s 10mobile has directly reached more than 313,000 children and families since it was founded in 1994. Thousands more have benefited from health messages aired daily on KGTV – in 10News segments, in 1ONews “Staying Healthy’ reports, and through a series of public service announcements, print ads and press releases.

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May 21, 2010

Donna Crean is a highly successful entrepreneur, business owner, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, as well as a generous philanthropist. She has a special place in her heart for abused and neglected children and provides leadership and funding in these critical areas. Donna and Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire established the Crean Foundation, a vehicle through which they make many charitable and educational contributions. Donna manages the Foundation, among much other business and charitable endeavors.

In addition to all the charitable organizations she supports, Donna diligently aims at helping children. Currently, she is actively involved in (CCAP) Coalition for Children, Adolescents and Parents and (JCP) Juvenile Connection Program, which is a delinquency prevention program. In 1995, Donna founded the Orange County Chapter of the Children’s Bureau, an organization providing counseling and protection of abused and neglected children.

Donna has received many awards and honors for her charities, philanthropies and commitment to children.

leadership 334.lea.0200 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

May 17, 2010
Eva Burrows was given leadership responsibility as Head of the Teachers’ College and then Vice-Principal of the Howard Institute before being appointed as Principal of the Usher Institute, an educational establishment for girls. At this centre, The Salvation Army initiated the first Domestic Science Teacher Training College for African girls. Under her innovative leadership, Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire became well known in Zimbabwe as an outstanding girls’ educational centre.
In 1970 Eva Burrows was appointed to London where she spent five years at the International College for Officers, first as Vice-Principal and then Principal. In each of the four refresher courses held annually, a group of 24 Salvation Army officers, representing as many as 20 countries, studied a range of subjects relating to the programme and purpose of The Salvation Army in today’s world.

highest honer 332.hig.003 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

May 14, 2010

If there is a benefit for children, Pearl is supporting it. If one cares about other’s liberty and rights, Pearl is there, standing tall and advocating that the ethical and fair thing be done. If AIDS is the issue, Pearl rolls up her sleeves and wades right in to see that the humane thing be done. In other words, Pearl loves people… all kinds of people, any age, any race, any nationality, any philosophy. To her, people are people.

Many know Pearl Bailey as a consummate entertainer, and that is true. Since she was a young girl, she has been singing, performing, entertaining, innovating, captivating her audience throughout the world. She has performed in all mediums, from night clubs to the stage on Broadway to movies to television. She has appeared in such hits as “Variety Girl”, “Isn’t It Romantic”, “Carmen Jones”, “That Certain Feeling”, “St. Louis Blues”, and “Porgy and Bess”. She has received the theater’s highest honor, the Tony Award.

And as magnificent as she is as an entertainer, Pearl Bailey’s personal commitment to helping others is greater. She is the United States Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations (and she takes her job very seriously). Recently, she spoke to the World Health Organization about the importance of world cooperation and concern about AIDS victims. Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire is working with Barbara Bush on her nationwide literacy campaign. She speaks to young people throughout the nation about commitment and contribution. She works for child abuse prevention and family cohesiveness.

The Living Legacy Award acknowledges and honors human contribution. Pearl Bailey genuinely deserves this recognition, for she cares about people with all her heart-and she does something positive about her concerns.

It is with great pride that Women’s International Center presents the Living Legacy Award to Miss Pearl Bailey, March 11, 1989.

alma mater 443.alm.3377 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

May 14, 2010

The selected recipient of the Mary Vaughn Scholarship for 1995 is newly ‘hooded’ Ph.D. in physiology, Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire. Dr. Azzarolo continues her study and research of diseases affecting women, particularly, older women, at her graduate alma mater, University of Southern California.

Originally from Chile, where Ana Maria received her degree in pharmacology, she immigrated to Canada where she was a Graduate Student in Physiology and later a Faculty of Medicine Research Assistant in Physiology and Nephrology at the University of British Colombia. After coming to the United States, she was a Teaching Assistant in Pharmacology at the University of Southern California. In 1990, she launched her upper graduate program in Physiology and Biophysics at USC. Ana Maria became Dr. Azzarolo, when she received her Ph.D. in late 1994.

Her research and publications strongly emphasize Dr. Azzarolo’s deep concern for the continuing health and wellness of older women, especially as disease and aging affect sight and body dryness (Sjogren’s Syndrome).

Women’s International Center is proud of Mary Vaughn for endowing the scholarship which bears her name, and equally proud to present the Mary Vaughn Scholarship to a woman who is dedicated to good health for all women, Dr. Ana Maria Azzarolo.

outbreak 332.out.004 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

May 13, 2010
David Ben-Gurion – Zionist leader and Israel’s first and longest-serving Prime Minister – was born David Green in Plonsk, Poland in 1886 and educated in a Hebrew school established by his father, an ardent Zionist. Ben-Gurion became a Zionist and joined the Socialist-Zionist group Poalei Zion at 17. In 1906, Ben-Gurion immigrated to the Land of Israel, worked as a laborer in agricultural settlements, became immersed in Zionist politics Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire and polemics and helped establish the Jewish self-defense group Hashomer. In 1912 he began to study law in Istanbul, but the outbreak of World War I led to his deportation, together with other leading Zionists, by the Ottoman authorities. Ben-Gurion spent the war years in the United States, where he married Paula Monbesz, a fellow Zionist, and was active in building an “American wing” of Labor Zionism. He returned to Palestine as a soldier of the Jewish Legion, a unit of the British Army created by Ze’ev Jabotinsky.